Paradise Point Sky and Kailua Beach

Kailua Town

Wake up to just one Kailua sunrise and you understand why this exclusive spot in Hawaii is the birthplace of a legend and the gathering place of kings.  Secluded on the windward side of the Hawaiian island of Oahu, and only 25 minutes from Honolulu, Paradise Point Estates at Kailua Bay is believed to have been home to Hawaiians who fished its local waters as many as 1500 years ago.  Despite the presence of a small but active population that farmed, hunted and raised families, the region now known as Kailua remained isolated.

Kailua Beach HawaiiIn the 16th century, this historic piece of paradise was discovered by the crowned heads of Oahu.  Kailua became the political and social gathering place of Hawaiian royalty.  The land and its native people thrived from plentiful crops of sugarcane, rice and taro. Meanwhile, fathers and mothers passed along island folklore to their children, including the legend of Kailua Beach as “the birthplace of the Hawaiian people.”  Kailua’s breathtaking beauty alone is believed to have inspired the famous Hawaiian farewell song “Aloha Òe”.

Samuel Northrup Castle

Samuel Castle

In the mid 1800’s, a New England missionary arrived in Kailua to establish a school for local children.  Not yet 30, Samuel Castle had no idea of the influence he would have on Kailua and its future as a modern Hawaiian community.  It was Castle’s eventual entry into the sugar industry that built an empire allowing him to acquire much of the Kailua Basin and the prized landmark now known as Paradise Point.  Samuel Castle’s heirs furthered the family enterprise by raising livestock at the Kaneohe Ranch.  The Castle name became synonymous with the development of Kailua Town, as well as the philanthropic efforts that sprang from the family good-fortune.

The beach community of Kailua is an area surrounded by natural wonder at every turn.  In the evening, Mount Olomana casts a cooling shadow on Kailua Town and the Kawainui Marshland with its abundant wildlife and scenic walking trail.  An active community with shops, restaurants, excellent schools and friendly citizens, Kailua represents the Aloha spirit of acceptance and optimism.

Harold Castle, Samuel’s grandson, could have lived anywhere in Hawaii, but chose to build his family home on the most picturesque piece of land on Kailua Beach, a spot now known as Paradise Point Estates at Kailua Bay.


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