View from Paradise Point

Vacation Like a President

President Obama Signs Bill in Kailua, Hawaii at Obama Winter White House

President Obama signing a 911 First Responders Bill into law in the courtyard lanai of the estate.

President Obama stayed in this luxury beachfront rental for the holidays and the media named it the Obama Winter White House.

Darting in and out, a young boy plays in the waves on Hawaii’s Kailua Beach. He may know that Hawaiians fished its local waters for centuries.  He may even know that the shoreline was once a gathering place for Hawaiian royalty.  What he does not know is that he will someday return to this exact spot as President of the United States.

Born in Honolulu in 1961, Barack Obama is Hawaii’s most famous local.  After living in Indonesia for a number of years, Obama eventually returned to Oahu to live with his maternal grandparents, and later with his mother.  As a ten year old 5th grader, the future President attended Honolulu’s Punahou School, only 20 minutes from Kailua Town.  Young Barack and his grandfather would make the short trip to Kailua Beach to swim in the cool shadow of Mount Olomana.  So it is no wonder that in December and January 2008-2011, the President and his family selected Paradise Point at Kailua Bay in Oahu as their holiday vacation home and the site of the Obama Winter White House.